Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's like a non-stop scandalathon around here

In other news, Alan Fine, Republican longshot candidate for Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District seems to have had a 1995 domestic violence charge expunged from his record. Around these parts, Fine is known mainly for pretending to be a nice guy up until Insomnia Report endorsee Keith Ellison won the Democratic primary, at which point he dropped the act and started blathering on interminably on how aghast, aghast! he was that someone who used to be friendly with the Nation of Islam might end up in the House of Representatives. It was more of what we’ve all come to expect from Republicans, and I didn’t pay his ravings much mind. He’s always had about the same chance of winning as my left asscheek, and all his noise was just a shameless ploy to scare fence-sitting voters away from the Democrats in statewide races. To hell with him, I say.

But, before I resolve to never mention him again, I will do him one courtesy that he hasn’t bestowed on his political opponents: I’ll leave his past alone. It’s a sordid he-said/she-said story and I don’t have the facts, much less the desire, to determine who the liar is. I have my suspicions, of course, but I’ll spare you people those. If he really did what his ex-wife has charged, he’s not worth voting for. If the accusations aren’t true, he’s still not worth voting for. Either way, may he slink off into the obscurity he deserves.