Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A quick update on the enormous, crap-smeared pair of underpants in my alley

Don’t let the fact that I haven’t posted about them in awhile lead you to believe that they’ve disappeared. Nope, they’re still out there. The winter has been hard on them, too. They’ve been dragged to the very mouth of the alley, where they rest in a grimy spot between the sidewalk and a construction site. The passing of time has made it so the shit smeared liberally across them is no longer distinguishable from the mud and filth that have been soaking into the fabric for a few months now. They have become a queasy brown color which–unpleasantly–helps them to blend in with the sidewalk concrete, making them barely noticeable unless you happen to be looking. I’ve probably stepped on them half a dozen times this week alone.

I just figured you’d all want to know that.