Sunday, February 19, 2006

And the winner of the first annual Spot the Scott Stapp Imposter Contest Is...

No one. The false lyrics were numbers one and four. Number two was taken from the tune “Surround Me”, number three (which is so awesomely awful it boggles the imagination, by the way) is from “Justify”, and number five is a snippet of “Reach Out”.

I’m afraid I can’t award prizes for only spotting one of the fakes. My resources here are limited, you understand. I’ll just have to hold the all-expenses paid trip for two to Tegulcigalpa over until the next Insomnia Report contest.

Let me assure you, Mel, Mr. Sponge, and Greg: even though you lost, I don’t consider you losers. In fact, I would be much more concerned if you were able to pick up on the nuances that distinguish my bad writing from Mr. Stapp’s. It is clear that you are people of taste and discernment. You should be proud of yourselves. Give yourself all a round of applause, why don’t you?