Saturday, January 28, 2006

The sort of thing that causes me to look upon our local right-wing web commando crew with a skeptical eye...

While perusing this post on this website today, I read the
following comment:

Black on white violence isn't reported as hate crime.
I bet it's gotta be at least 10-1 black on white hate

At least.

Side note: Do we EVEN hear about white people
raping black women? I bet 10 of the black male
population has raped a white woman. It's disturb-
ing that this is so NOT reported.

greg | 01.28.06 - 12:19 am | #

Now let me assure you that this “greg” is not the tall and
suave Greg who appears in several of my posts and com-
ments threads. This is another greg. A lower-case greg.
A racist greg.

Let’s have another look at that statement: “I bet 10 of the
black male population has raped a white woman”. First off,
we have to assume he means “10 percent” but, since he was
probably writing this in a fit of seething bigot rage, he couldn’t
be bothered to proofread himself. Second, that’s some of the
most hideous shit I’ve seen on the internet in a long time. This
guy lives in some 1955 Alabama fantasy world of savage blacks
ravishing white women, a fantasy world which he imagines evi-
dence for that doesn’t actually exist. He just “bets” it does.

You might think that the person who runs the site would
work to distance themselves from statements so pro-
foundly twisted as that. Well, in this case you’d think
wrong, because here’s the very next comment, from the
blogger him/herself:

Greg raises an interesting point regarding the report-
ing of black on white crimes as hate crimes. For example,
were the "bus stop beatings" previously reported in
this blog categorized as (reverse) hate crimes in the
official statistics? One can bet it would have been had
the skin color of the people involved been reversed. If
anyone has any cites, please post them.
Rambix | Homepage | 01.28.06 - 9:10 am | #

I don’t know, maybe I’m just a pie in the sky liberal, but I’d
think a responsible website would want to distance itself from
blatant displays of bigotry. Especially if that website wanted
to be taken seriously as a straight-shootin’, bias-free commen-
tator on daily issues. But maybe I’m wrong about that.

Oh, and about that 10-1 black on-white hate crimes statistic
that racist greg is sure exists somewhere? Utter bullshit. Take
a look here
, and then scroll down to page 19. Or, if you’re like
these people and don’t have the time to do the legwork because
you’re too busy living in a scary nightmare world, allow me to
summarize them for you.

2004 hate crimes by known offender:

Anti-white: 998 total offenses
Anti-black: 3,281 total offenses

That’s from the FBI. Perhaps they’ll want to argue that
there are thousands and thousands of uncounted anti-white
crimes that get ignored because our nation’s law enforce-
ment establishment is too hampered by sensitivity and
political-correctness to acknowledge them. Perhaps, but
I sure hope not. Because that would be stupid.