Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lazy Saturday Edition: blog post titles I would like to use, but probably won't...

1) A hundred sewer rats chewing on my scrotum couldn’t get me to vote for your weak-assed candidate

2) All about earwax

3) “Cubans, Puerto Ricans are hot”: the only true thing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ever said?

4) Would you like to read 10,000 words about an obscure Moroccan poet? Sure you would!

5) Intelligent design is for assholes

6) I’ve had it up to here with all this low-quality dwarf porn

7) Was Bill Clinton playing with his peter while jihadis learned to fly planes? Let’s ask some angry right-wingers!

8) Twenty-five EZ ways to avoid the hippies with clipboards who hang out in front of your organic co-op

9) Minnesota: Too Far From Mexico, Too Close To North Dakota

10) Any ladies care to guess which eligible bachelor blogger just got himself a stylin’ new pair of pants?

11) Waiter, there seems to be an earlobe in my quesadilla

12) Let’s bring it all back to Bea Arthur