Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Overheard on a bus, Southside Chicago

FIRST GUY: Hey! Hey! What’s up? They let you out?

SECOND GUY: Yeah. Last night. They had to.

FIRST GUY: How come?

SECOND GUY: They ain’t got no evidence. D.A. ain’t got

FIRST GUY: They had you on that shooting up on 52nd and
Wolcott, right? That shit that went down last Saturday?

SECOND GUY: Yeah, but they don’t know nothin’. They got
it all fucked up.

FIRST GUY: That was some wild shit. Some serious throw-
back crack addict shit.


[long, awkward pause]

FIRST GUY: You didn’t see that shit, did you?

SECOND GUY: Hell, no. They got the wrong motherfucker.
I wasn’t even in town then.