Monday, December 05, 2005

Are you ready to read something asinine?

Well, if you are, then kindly direct your attention to this...

Alright then. If you're like me, you may be slightly con-
fused. You may be wondering if this person really just
took some obnoxious pre-teen punk's stupid, anti-social
prank and blew it up into some self-righteous chest-thump-
ing about how liberals don't support the troops. I'm
wondering the same thing.

Is every example of bad behavior some sort of left-wing
conspiracy to these people? Are we really to the point
where the internet-bound conservative clique really thinks
some snot-nosed brat's antics are significant? And I like
how he throws down the gauntlet for "leftys" to condemn
this kid. Are we supposed to get up on our high horses
every time somebody somewhere does something
annoying? Is every insensitive act a cue to get up and
grandstand? I'm afraid I don't have time for it.

But, since I'm a generous sort of person, I'll indulge this
fellow just once. I think that kid is a dickweed. I bet his
parents suck. That wasn't very hard at all. Do I support
the troops now? Is that all it takes? Man, it's easy to be
a patriot!