Sunday, January 15, 2006

Five dirty limericks about prominent Republicans

There once was a President named Bush
Who had a head filled with sludge and mush
“Such a moral guy
No scandals have I!”
Until he was caught trading favors in Tom Delay’s tush

There once was a Senator named Frist
Went to the bathroom and completely missed
There was a filthy toilet
And he fell right in it
And now the Senator’s half-shit and half-pissed

At the local clinic, a lobbyist named Abramoff
Grinned ear to ear when he was told to cough
“You’ve got my testicle,
While they’re out arresting ‘em
Half of Congress just like pigs at my trough!”

Watch out for a sinister figure named Santorum
They say there’s nothing too naughty for him
He’ll touch your butt
Before you-know-what
And then damn you to hell for making a whore of him

Meet my friend Karl Rove, a master of strategy
How do I know him? I’m his urologist, you see
He was always having accidents
And then he seized the government
So if I mention his rubber sheets, I’ll get the death penalty