Friday, June 02, 2006

This place sure is purty...

Hello. I am in Ithaca, New York. Earlier today, I was in Detroit. Before that, I was in the Minneapolis aiport, foolishly eating something called a "breakfast stromboli". I urge you all, should you ever be in the Minneapolis airport, to skip the breakfast stromboli. It's kind of nasty.

I'm sort of tired right now, so I'll limit myself to making very banal observations:

1) The Finger Lakes are pretty.

2) Cornell University's campus is pretty.

3) There is a pretty graveyard just outside my brother's apartment. If there is a zombie uprising anytime soon, this could be a problem.

4) On the way into town, some guy had a sign on his fence that read "Why not talk to Iran?". I tried to take his advice, but I don't speak Farsi and my cell-phone wouldn't cooperate.

5) Even though there is a cell phone tower approximately thirty yards from my brother's apartment, I still get crappy reception out here. Is this a T-Mobile thing or what?

6) I don't like to fly in the real little planes. They bounce around too much. They also fail to project the confidence and humanity-over-nature vibe of the larger jets, I feel.

7) This town crawls with small woodland creatures.

8) I got to pick up a meteorite. From, like, outer space. Is that cool, or what?