Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Man, I just voted my ass off...

Earlier today, I took a stroll down the street to a flat, 1950s-
style church where I participated in the glorious and noble
system of democracy that we in America enjoy so thoroughly.
And, because I know the whole world is eager to hear who
I cast my ballot for, I've come home to tell you all about it.

For Mayor of Minneapolis, I chose Peter McLaughlin. This
was a hard decision, honestly. The choice was essentially
between two left-leaning, DFL-affiliated, tall municipal
dudes. I went with the challenger, but not because I bear
the incumbent any ill-will. He's done an alright job, I
think, but not an extraordinary one. He tells people what
they want to hear and he likes to grandstand, sure, but
that's what being a politician is all about. I'm a little wary
of what I consider the Rybak Is Gonna Give You Good
Vibes mode of governance, so I went with his opponent,
who seems like a smart fellow. He probably won't win,
though, so I'll have to learn to live with ol' R.T.'s slightly
grating enthusiasm for another four years. Oh, well...

As for my city council person, I voted for Robert
. I like him enough, and even a vicious beating
with sticks and knives couldn't make me vote for his
opponent, the self-righteous and ineffective Dean
Zimmerman. Put me on the schedule for the standard
Green Party mau-mauing, because I'm well past weary
of their warmed-over, holier-than-thou hippie act. That
sounds mean, I suppose, but you'll forgive me, won't you?